Exciting News Kazuillionaires!

Today. Right now. 11am UTC/GMT. We are announcing something very special for our kazuillionaires and future kazuillionaires!

Kazu as we all know is a truly decentralized way of life and we aim to be the “Brand” of cryptocurrency that people choose to be associated with due to its safety, security, lack of interference and support. Aswell as all the fun things that come with being apart of such an elite group.

That being said here is our official announcement:

“Cryptopia, Coinland,”--(KAZUCOIN NEWS RELEASE)— 11:00 UTC, SUN 30 DECEMBER 2018

Kazucoin (ALTILLY: KAZU), an emerging and Upwardly Mobile, Peer to Peer Crypto and Store of Value, today announced that its CORE Directors, who refer to themselves as team Kazhinoaru, declared a first ever, Double Forward Fork of Kazucoin. Each KAZU Coin-holder of record at 13:00 UTC January 21, 2019, will receive 3 KazuSilver-KSLV coins for every 10 KAZUcoins they hold at that date and time and additionally they will receive 1 KazuGold-KGLD coin for every 10 KazuSilver-KSLV coins they hold at that date and time. 

You may be required to temporarily hold your coins in a designated place. We will let you know nearer the time. In any case, you will NOT have to swap any coins in.

The more KAZU you own the more FREE KGLD and KSLV you will receive. 

More information will be released on KSLV and KGLD sales after the drop to kazuillionaires.

Thank you for your support



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