Hello Kazuillionaires,

We have been asked whether we will be carrying out the KBYT fork........ of course we will! 

The only discrepancy is the date. For now we are keeping with the 21st of February. But please be patient if it is put back. This is due to changes out of our control. 

As of right now KBYT will NOT be listed on Altilly.com please do not ask them about the fork as they have enough to deal with.

t.me/Kazugeneralchitchat for more information 

Also we would like to announce a quick update on eligibility. We are now going to expand entrance point for the fork. So if you hold KAZU, KSLV and KGLD it will be 1:100 on all balances. If you only hold 1 of these coins it is fine too. 

So we hope you will get buying and holding ;)

Have fun