Dear Kazuillionaire Family,

Today, the 21st of Feb 2019 is the launch of KazuByte (KBYTE).


We would like to introduce you first to the KBYTE wallet by heading over to https://www.kazucoin.io/kazubyte and downloading your Windows or Mac Desktop client.

Please download this and sync.

You have probably noticed that we have abbreviated to KBYTE instead of KBYT. Sorry for any confusion but for internal reasons it will be staying as KBYTE.

Now you are all wondering about your coins. We are still in the process of working out a distribution plan due to unforseen factors. We are hoping that one of our exchanges will greatfully help us out. Otherwise we will need to distribute manually. This will obviously be a painfully hard job. But we will find away. Especially for those who do not have the option of a desktop wallet.

In the meantime, Please download the wallets at https://www.kazucoin.io/kazubyte

fill in the google form and update your KBYTE address if possible https://goo.gl/forms/20DP1u6pWLIjywoc2

There will be more exciting updates soon

For now

Have Fun!!